For the past 12 years eOne has prided itself on always releasing our ISV products to co-incide with all major Microsoft releases. For the first time ever with the release of 2013 we are late.

We have done everything we can to release on time but this year things have been out of our control.

Extender Standard and eXtender Enterprise: With a late decision for eXtender to be removed from the existing OEM arrangements with Microsoft – we had a very late start on development for eXtender. Not only did we have to upgrade our products as per normal we also had to, debrand and rebrand, consolidate to a single dictionary, merge 2 sets of code, include new functionality that now makes sense, ensure upgrades work form multiple code sets to a single install. This is proving to be a massive effort from our dev team. eXtender expected release date will be Early to Mid February.

Extender web Client: Not before SP1 at the earliest. There remain a number of Dex based functions that do not work with the web client. We are working closely with Microsoft to have these resolved, but are entirely reliant on their progress.

SmartConnect: As you know SmartConnect is independent to GP and installs as its own application. That said, we still have real time triggers in GP which rely on dex code. The other reliance is on eConnect which we must support within our code. So for those using SmartConnect with GP you will need to wait for the 2013 release. SmartConnect release date will be Early to Mid February.

SmartView: SmartView will be available by 31st Jan 2013.

Flexicoder: Flexicoder will be available by 31st Jan 2013.

SmartPost: Mid February.

Node Builder: Mid February (will be OK with current build if your Dynamics Database is still called Dynamics).

Again – we are not happy with the delays, but we are doing the very best we can. If you have any questions or urgent needs – please let us know.