I like to know stuff. Some things I want to know every day. Something things I need to know just once a month. Some things I want updates on 20 times a day. Most days I think of something new I want to know. I like to see top-level summaries. I nearly always have questions about that summary and need to dig deep. I love to see the detail. Sometimes bad things happen, I never know, but I needed to know. It is my data and I need access to my data – live.

I hate waiting. I hate logging into 10 different apps to find what I need to. I hate being told I cannot pull that data. I hate confusing interfaces. I hate not having control. I need to be self-sufficient for all my reporting.

This is why I use Popdock. I use it for top-level dashboards. I use it for ad hoc queries. I use it for all my reporting. I gave it to my entire team so they always have access to their data.

This dashboard gives me an immediate snapshot of key things I need to know about my business today.

One place for the entire team’s reporting

Many of the things I need to know come from our company’s ERP system. Some of it is in our marketing system. Lots of the data I need is in our CRM application. I need to know things about our developers and their new builds and old bugs. I get asked questions about credit cards and payments. I talk to our partners and need to know all about their recent activity before I jump on a call.
Popdock gives me ONE PLACE to report on anything I want to – no matter what system that data comes from. Popdock gives me one single interface for getting information from our ERP, credit card processor, marketing applications and more.

Business data is stored in many apps and systems. Popdock gives you access to all that data in one place. In this example Popdock is displaying Zendesk and NetSuite data.

Embedded data where you need it
I am not special. Everyone on my team needs to know stuff. They need immediate access to the information they need to do their job. If someone does not have the data they need then I am limiting their effectiveness. I do not pay people to spend time searching for the data they need – they just need it right where they are all day every day.

Most of my team spends the majority of their time working within a single application. I need to provide all the information they need right within the application in which they work.

Role System Embed
Sales Microsoft CRM Billing, Payments, Tickets, Web Activity
Finance ERP Opportunities
Support Help Desk Ticketing System Customer Data, Metrics
Marketing So many different platforms Need a little bit of everything

Every company is different, and you need to share different data with different people within different applications. Popdock Widgets are the ONLY answer to embedding data where you need it. No matter what system you are working in you can have access to all the data you need from ANY other application.

This Widget is an example of embedding invoice data from D365 Business Central into an account record in Microsoft D365 Customer Engagement.

Adhoc Queries
Popdock makes everyone truly independent. All the data I need is there and I can easily add columns to a list or build a brand-new list. The filtering is easy and lets me narrow down my query to just the data I need to see – right now. I can query our complex ERP and my Twitter Favorites in exactly the same way. Think about that for a minute.
If I want to look at sales of a product I can. Product by date range, I can. Top partners that sell this product, I can. Flip to a different product. Check on a specific salesperson. Look at their pipeline. Check out their discount patterns. I can check outgoing phone call activity. Compare all of this to last year. It is so much fun to be able to DO WHAT EVER I WANT WITH REPORTING.
I can save each query as a favorite if I think need to see this data again tomorrow, next week or next month.

Build brand new complex lists
I am not all that technical, but I do not mind getting my hands dirty when I need to. Building my own new report kind of gives me that superman feeling.

Popdock lets me dig into the backend to select the specific data I need for my report (of course my access depends on the security I am given). I have access to all the data that is behind each app I am reporting on. I can join multiple lists together and can even join cross application lists together to build a consolidated report. Joining data from multiple apps let you come up with some amazing reports that provide vital insights into your business. Your IT team may feel a little bit threatened by your new powers but don’t let them get in your way.

If you are looking for a new way to report on everyday data, then it is time to look at Popdock. Everything you need in one reporting solution. Dashboards. Ad hoc queries. Embedded widgets. Build your own reports. To see Popdock in action join one of our weekly webinars or message me directly at martin.olsen@eonesolutions.com and I will connect you with our tech gurus to answer all of your questions.