SmartView Tip of the Day

The very best and fastest way to get data out of SmartView is to cut and paste. That good old fashioned method of using CTRL C and CTRL V (or right click – copy and right click – paste  for those that prefer).

There are a bunch of advantages to the cut and paste method.
1. It is instant. You can cut and paste 100,000 rows of data in just 2 seconds.
2. Column headings are pasted automatically
3. You can select only highlighted rows for export
4. The rows you select need not be consecutive

You will find that once you start the cut and paste method this will soon become the only way you push data out to Excel.  Another limitation overcome bu cut and paste is that the regular Excel export is limited to 1,000,000 cells. If you wish to export more than this number ot excel in a single run then there are two options for you.
1. Export to CSV and open in Excel
2. Cut and Paste as per above.

As they say in the classics “Cut and Paste to save time that others waste”.