We get some great messages from our partners and customers. I thought I would share a few of these with you. I have not made contact with the actual people that sent the messages through so will not expose names and companies. Rest assured that each is quoted verbatim from real eOne customers. We share these messages internally at eOne and it goes a long way to keeping us motivated.

“Thanks so much, David, for your excellent service in helping us eliminate issues with testing and using SmartConnect. All of us at …….. truly appreciate what eOne has given in terms of sales, support, and technology!” GP Consultant

“SmartConnect has more tricks up its little sleeve than we can even begin to imagine.” GP Developer

“SmartConnect is helping me close a GP deal for a new customer. If I would not have shown them SC, we would have lost the whole GP deal. I have nothing but great things to say about SC and I will show it to every customer.” Partner Sales Manager

“If scribe were a person, I would kick it (and then run very fast; I am a girl, after all). Can you please give me a SmartConnect Demo asap.” Frustrated CRM consultant.

“Thanks again for all your help. I could not have gotten this far with this project without your excellent support. I have learned a lot, and hopefully be more self sufficient moving forward.” GP Consultant

“No actually let Martin know the demo went really well. I think we took a prospect that was actually leaning towards NetSuite and is now strongly considering GP because of this demo we did on Smartconnect and extender” GP Sales Manager

“Many toss in the towel and complain about how difficult the data structure is and how hard it is to write reports against Extender. Poppy Cock!” GP Manual Author