What do you do when there is no where in GP to store the data you are capturing in CRM? What about all those contacts in CRM – where do you put them in GP? What about all those custom entities in CRM – where do you store that data in GP

This is where eXtender is the answer. Customise CRM all you like, capture all the data your business needs and then create matching screens in GP with Extender. Why not create an eXtender contacts screen in GP to store all your contacts? This means you do not need to buy licences for both GP and CRM as users can remain in the application of their choice.

Mapping between CRM and eXtender is as easy as mapping to any other field. Take a look at this example here. This is a simple contacts screen built within GP.

This is the map setup where we have mapped to to an eXtender form. The data source is simply the contacts entity in CRM and maps neatly to eXtender. Extender forms appear as an available node which can be mapped like any other.