Many of you will have noticed this week that Lauri is no longer answering the phones when you select renewals on our automated phone system. Lauri finished up with eOne last Friday and has moved on to some new and challenging opportunities. I think in the end collecting endless numbers of $200 payments become too easy with such good resellers – so Lauri has moved to a position where she can use her persuasive and negotiating skills to collect much larger outstanding amounts.

We will miss Lauri’s energy and passion.

For right now please address all emails to rather than directly to Lauri’s personal email account. The phone numbers remain unchanged 888-319-3663 (press 4 for renewals). Our team of Danielle, Alicia and Naomi will be ready to answer all your questions and queries on renewals. You will receive the same fast response times and great service you have been used to.

When one journey stops, new opportunities always emerge. So at eOne we are taking the opportunity to change the way we handle this role of AEP collecting. We will announce more details over the coming weeks – but this role is going to become more of a partner advocate role split across more eOne team members. These advocates will be working with you on both AEP payments, but also on a whole range of other topics like access to support, training needs, marketing activity, etc. This is going to be an exciting change in the way eOne does business that I am very sure will bring many benefits to our resellers.

More details to come as we roll out these changes.

You’ll need Skype CreditFree via Skype