Starting August 20, 2009, and valid for only $30,000 is a Dynamics stimulus package the market can really use. The eOne Cash for Clunkers program is aimed at helping organizations move away from time guzzling legacy integration, migration, and automation tools.

A recent news report quoted Product Director Martin Olsen, “With only $30,000 on the offer there will be many companies left disappointed, unless they are first to act. We do not expect the clunker program to last more than 20 days.”

If you qualify for the program, you will be eligible for a rebate of up to US $1,000. If you have ever wanted to do this (see below) to your aging, complex legacy migration, integration or automation tools, then please read on to see if you qualify.

Who qualifies?
1. Companies who’s legacy tool guzzles up way too much time.
2. Companies who have paid annual maintenance on a legacy tool for the past 12 months and need to throw the tool away.
3. Anyone who has to wait around on a Friday for everyone to stop working, so they can kick off the integrations.
4. Companies who have paid dearly for custom system automation and need to return to a manageable tool that can automate daily tasks.
5. Companies that have linked CRM to GP, but now need more flexibility and a much lower cost of maintaining their integration.

Required actions?
1. Locate your local Dynamics GP or CRM dealer.
2. Have your current annual maintenance invoice shredded for recycling.
3. Attend an online webinar to ensure you like the new model.
4. Be prepared for a more efficient business process, that will benefit your working “environment.”
5. Provide proof of purchase of your clunker.

How long will the program last?
Only until the $30,000 has been used up. Watch the eOne blog for regular updates on how many clunker trade-ins remain available. To access this program, you will need to pre-register with me ( prior to making your purchase!