Crack open some champagne, put on some loud music and throw a little party. OK if you are sitting at your desk right now it may be odd to open a bottle of champagne – but throw a little party on the inside. Actually who cares – jump up and yell ‘Wooohooo’ at the top of your lungs, spin around three times, then do a little Nae Nae dance!

WHY you may ask?

Microsoft just announced that they are hosting the ultimate Dynamics GP user event in May. In the words of a famous would be president “this is going to be amazing, this is going to be huge and the people are going to love it. We are going build a massive event and the Mexicans are going to pay for it”. Well the last bit is not true, as you are going to pay for it when you register, but nobody minds paying for something that is truly valuable.

Anaheim, CA, May 23-25 2016 is the place to be. (

If you use Dynamics GP more than 3 times a week then you need to get off your comfortable ergonomic office chair, and head to Amplify. Ok stop that thought. I can hear you right now thinking ‘there is no way my boss will let me go, they never let anyone from accounts leave the office, ever – let alone go to California.’

Well I have your answer. Ask your boss to call me. Go on, tell them to call the CEO from eOne Solutions. I will explain clearly the benefits of sending you to Amplify. Just in case you cannot convince them to call me, I will list a few reasons here:

1. Hey Boss, have you ever complained about GP? Well, it is very likely that Dynamics GP is not the problem. You know how you send your sales or technical teams to events all the time to learn about best practice? How about giving your accounts team a chance to learn all about the very best ways to use Dynamics GP? To learn from Microsoft direct and a myriad of other experts about how to make GP deliver everything it can to help your company.
2. Things have likely changed since your initial investment. You maybe bought GP many years ago. Do you think the world has stood still since then? NO. Microsoft has made GP much better and the ISV’s have done some amazing things to ensure that GP remains on the leading edge. Come and learn what you are missing out on.
3. GP is more important to your business than you think. Did you know the only way you get paid is by raising an invoice? That invoice comes out of GP. Have you ever thought about making this process more efficient? Did you realize that your customer’s judge you on how efficient your internal systems are? Are you back end systems important to you or just an afterthought? Here is a chance to make Dynamics GP front and center.
4. Do you know how many man/woman hours your team spends working in GP all day, every day? Lots and lots and lots. Your team spends hundreds of hours every week using the tools you give them. Their tool is Dynamics GP. Do you know if you are getting the most out of this tool and using it efficiently? Imagine if you were a carpenter and never sharpened up your tools, or looked for new drill bits to do things faster, or had not upgraded the way you do things based on new technology available? You would end up doing the same thing much more inefficiently than your competitor. So do not let this happen, get your GP team to Amplify, get them inspired, and up to date.
5. Do you do any ‘rekeying’ of data? What a waste of time. Stop doing it. Come and find out from eOne how to ensure all your systems are integrated so you never type the same thing twice.
6. Have you started using cloud apps in your business? If you have not, you should. If you have, then let me guess, you are starting to silo data in each application. These cloud apps are awesome but they have to be integrated into your ERP, or you are missing out on the true value of these new apps. Come to Amplify and see how to hook ALL your systems together and have the data end up in GP.
7. Show Microsoft you think GP rocks. This is important. The more you prove to Microsoft that there are many thousands and thousands of businesses that take their mid-market ERP seriously, the more pressure everyone can put on them to make improvements in functions and features.

So if you have not guessed yet, I think you should get to Amplify. This is going to be a low key event that is focused 100% on Dynamics GP. You are not paying for a big pop band that we all have to pretend we have heard of! The cost is reasonable, the content will be very educational and you will leave smarter than you were when you arrived.

So go tell your boss today that you need to go to Amplify. If you are the boss – then you will benefit from sending your team to amplify. If you are still unsure – then call me. 888-319-3663.