From time to time, we are privy to conversations between a customer & a partner where the customer expresses frustration in their current solution and the partner decides that putting a band aid on the problem is not a solution. Here is an example of one of those conversations we received yesterday. (Note that all names have been changed to protect the customer and partner.)

Joe the Customer: “Integration Manager crashed TWICE before finally working (I hate that program). So each time it crashed it caused an invoice to get stuck somewhere that I can’t see. Could you go in and find those invoices and delete them?”

Paul the Partner: “Which company?”

Joe the Customer: “Company A.”

Paul the Partner: (One day after initial reported problem – due to emails back and forth.) “Ok, take a look now.”

Joe the Customer: “That worked. Thank you.”

Joe the Customer: (One day later) “Argh. I had to repost this batch, and forgot to turn off AA. So the same thing just happened. Is there any way you can do this again?? Annoying!!”

Paul the Partner: “No problem. What are the invoice numbers? By the way – have you thought of using SmartConnect?”

Joe the Customer: “Should be the only one in there… and yes, I would like to try SmartConnect. I just don’t know where to begin.”

Paul the Partner: “I’ll reach out to eOne to have them provide info on using SmartConnect in Fabrikam to test it out.”

From this conversation, the eOne team was able to provide the customer and partner information on testing out SmartConnect in Fabrikam without needing reg keys, pointed to the great resources and online manual available to utilize for their tests and shared training and support options to get the customer up and running.

If you feel like Joe the Customer or Paul the Partner, reach out to us and learn how SmartConnect can replace Integration Manager. Email for more info.