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Learn about how you can best utilize SmartConnect today. Whether it is using existing functionality that you may not be aware of or planning for upcoming features that are being in the roadmap. We guarantee you will walk away from these sessions learning something new as you expand your knowledge on SmartConnect.

Take a closer look at the agenda, and see what sessions might be for you:

IT Consultants and Partners

  • Win more Deals: Use Integrations as a Competitive Advantage
    • We’ll teach you to dig deeper into your client’s integration needs and position SmartConnect as the right integration solution. How to upgrade to SmartConnect 2021: Step by step instructions from a guru
  • Planning an Upgrade to SmartConnect 21?
    • We’ll discuss the differences between versions, upgrade best practices and our development plans to keep SmartConnect in synch with your existing SmartConnect installs. Should my Integrations be scheduled or real-time: How to choose and how to set it up.
  • The SmartConnect Roadmap, Built with Your Future in Mind
    • Join us to learn what’s coming in the SmartConnect Roadmap and what that means for you.
  • Integration Projects Are Easy: 10 Steps to a Successful Project
    • We’ll show you what to watch for, what to avoid and how to ensure there is always a successful outcome. The SmartConnect roadmap – built with your future in mind

SmartConnect Users

  • Should my Integrations be Scheduled or Real-time: How to Choose and How to Set it Up
    • All integrations are different. How do you go about determining which data source type, additional columns, and other features on each integration?
  • Connect to anything: Rest Connector API integration
    • REST APIs: How to connect with any Rest API for integration without writing a single line of code.
  • Integrate Anything to Anything with SmartConnect
    • Why integration is essential in 2020 for all businesses for all organizations: How to build and manage an integrated business from ERP, Ecommerce to Marketing.
  • Using Popdock as a Data source for SmartConnect
    • When should you combine both Popdock and SmartConnect for an integration project? When you do what are the tricks?
  • 10 Tips for Error Management in SmartConnect
    • Integration is difficult and your eData can be messy. Learn the best ways to prepare for, handle and fix errors in SmartConnect integrations.
  • The Importance of Building a Company-wide Integration Strategy: Set Yourself up for Success by Building an Integration Strategy
    • Don’t just build ad-hoc integration points, put a strategy in place for an integrated data environment. Make integrations easy to roll out and manage in the long term.
  • SmartConnect and the Dataverse: What Gives?
    • Why do I need SmartConnect when Microsoft tells me that everything al already integrated into the Common Data Model? Can I talk to the Dataverse with SmartConnect? What are the limitations of the Dataverse when it comes to data integration?

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