New Extender Build Released to Help with Update Process

  Wednesday, December 16, 2015   /     Nicole Albertson   /     0 Comments
We are happy to announce that we have released a new build of Extender 2013 and 2015.  The main purpose of this build is to help try to make the Extender Upgrade as easy as possible.  There is a lot going on in the upgrade of Extender from Microsoft Dynamics GP 10/2010 to Microsoft Dynamics GP… [Read More]

Tech Tuesday: Getting Ready to Update Extender to 2013?

  Tuesday, September 30, 2014   /     Nicole Albertson   /     0 Comments
Are you getting ready to update to Extender 2013 and wondering what you might need to be aware of?The update from Extender 10 or 2010 to Extender 2013 has a lot of table changes in it. You can download a document that outlines all of these changes on the eOne website on the Documentation tab or… [Read More]

Tech Tuesday: Table Changes in Extender 2013

  Tuesday, August 19, 2014   /     Nicole Albertson   /     0 Comments
As many Extender users are looking to update to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 and along with that updating Extender to 2013, there are table changes to be aware of. In the update from Extender on GP 10 or 2010 to Extender on 2013, almost all of the tables change to a new set of tables.  What does this… [Read More]

2013 Product Release Update: eXtender Enterprise

  Friday, May 31, 2013   /     Abbey Cooper   /     0 Comments
Our team has been working overtime to release eXtender Enterprise for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013. Although we were hoping to release it by June 1st, it looks like we need to take a bit more time to ensure all our customers receive a solid build. We are now looking to release in a few weeks and are… [Read More]

Extender Transition Update

  Monday, February 18, 2013   /     Martin Olsen   /     2 Comments
We always knew that the transition of nearly 5000 eXtender customers from the books of Microsoft back to eOne was going to to be challenging. This was an admin challenge we were ready for - and we'll work hard to bring some fantastic new functionality to all our customers.To this point the process… [Read More]

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