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Tech Tuesday: Returning max records in SmartList and SmartView

If you try to compare records between SmartView and SmartList and they do not match, it’s possible it is because there are more records being returned than what is set in the Maximum Records settings.  The Microsoft Dynamics GP SmartList default is 1000 records.  The SmartView and SmartList queries are a little different and may…

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Running SmartConnect from PowerShell

Many people are choosing to do administration of common tasks using PowerShell and the SmartConnect customer base is no different. Below you will find a simple script that will allow you to run a SmartConnect map to any destination directly from PowerShell:###Start Script#Define Path to RunMapConsole.exe$RunMapConsolePath = “D:\Program Files (x86)\eOne Solutions\SmartConnect\eOne.SmartConnect.RunMapConsole.exe”#Specify the Map ID to…

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Tech Tuesday: Connecting to Various Systems using Excel

In recent versions of Excel, Microsoft has put a lot of time into making it easy to pull data from many systems and web services using Power Query (or ‘Query And Connections’ in Excel 2016).  At eOne, we are taking advantage of this by using Power Query in all new Excel templates to build rich,…

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Tech Tuesday: Calculating Sequence Numbers when Creating General Ledger Transaction with Analytical Account (AA)

In a prior article I discussed how to create General Ledger Transactions while including Analytical Accounts but with the assumption that if the Distribution Sequence number is being mapped, based on the scenario, it would be a part of the source data. It turns out that is rarely the case. This article will show how…

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Tech Tuesday: Source File Name from Folder Data Source

A very common question that the Support Team will get is:“I’m using a SmartConnect map using a folder data source with csv files.  Is there any way to get the filename that each document came from?”The answer is, surprisingly, no.Unfortunately, there isn’t a built-in variable that SmartConnect uses that has this information that we could just…

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Tech Tuesday: Automatically set the 1099 amount on a payables transaction

I often run into people importing payables transactions using SmartConnect where some of the vendors are 1099 vendors and some are not.  When you import a transaction for the 1099 vendor, the 1099 amount needs to be the same as the transaction amount.  However, people don’t typically know which vendors are 1099 vendors before they…

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Tech Thursday: Importing Arrays to a REST Service Destination

One of the neat things about REST APIs is every API is different. The SmartConnect REST Connector is simple and adaptable enough to work with many different APIs. Recently I have been working with the API for Big Commerce which is a popular storefront cloud app. These storefront apps like Big Commerce will have variants…

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Tech Tuesday: SmartConnect Versions You Should Use When Upgrading

When you are looking to upgrade an older version of software to the latest and (hopefully) greatest version available, there is always the question of “What version do I need to be on to be able to upgrade?” There are many upgrade paths and while it is always a good idea to stay on the…

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