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Wiise Integration

Deliver a more complete Wiise integration strategy that scales with eOne.
Core Experience ERP Integration
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Multi-System Integration 
Changes-only Integrations
Real-time Integration
Virtual Integration
File Integration
Multi-System Integration 

Quickly build integrations with Wiise and generate data at the right time between all your cloud an on-premise apps. ​

eOne’s SmartConnect allows you to take control every part of your integration through a consistent and user-friendly interface that doesn’t require developers or coding knowledge to use.

  • Integrate as a source or destination with all standard pages, custom pages, and extensions in Wiise via web services. Support for multi-company logic and Binary Stream MEM is included.​
  • Enjoy a simple point-click and flexible mapping experience.​
  • Add steps and tasks to complete your business process automation.​
  • Easily monitor, use alerts, view errors and fix them.

Outcomes Delivered​​

  1. Integrate without code.​
  2. Lower your project risks​
  3. Deliver results faster.

Licensing Required​

​SmartConnect Basic Plan or above.

Changes-only Integrations

The SmartConnect Change Tracking add-in let’s you design your integrations to run on the changes since the last scheduled run of your integrations and complete your integrations efficiently.​

Example: Let’s say you have 100,000 records you’re synchronizing between systems, and only a 100 of them change between your scheduled integrations. The SmartConnect Change Tracking adds an extension to the Dynamics 365 Business Central native web services that allows for detecting and only running your integration on the changes since the last scheduled run.​

Outcomes Delivered​

  1. No- or Low-code integration​
  2. Timely and accurate information.​
  3. Better decision-making.

Licensing Required​

SmartConnect Basic Plan or above.​

Popdock Basic or above for Virtual Integration

Real-time Integration

If real-time integration with Dynamics 365 Business Central is your requirement, we have options for you:​

  • Trigger a SmartConnect Integration based on a change in Wiise.​
  • ​Call the SmartConnect API to pass through your data and run an integration. ​
  • Virtually integrate by using Popdock widgets to embed and display data from anywhere in Wiise or display Wiise data in other applications. No code required for setup.

Outcomes Delivered​

1. No- or Low-code integration​

2.  Timely and accurate information.​

3.  Better decision-making.

Licensing Required​

SmartConnect Basic Plan or above.​

Popdock Basic or above for Virtual Integration

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Virtual Integration

Virtual integration is a powerful integration option that lets you configure your Wiise integration in minutes, not weeks. ​

Embed and display external data in Wiise without code using Popdock.​

  • Embed list reports & graphs with parameters on a FastTab.​
  • Embed list reports & graphs with parameters on a FastBox.​
  • Embed full Popdock in Wiise.

Outcomes Delivered​

  1. Integrate in minutes, not weeks.​
  2. Real-time integration, every time.​
  3. Relevant, convenient insight in app for users.​
  4. Interface for users to view and take action on the data.

Licensing Required​

​Popdock Basic  Plan or above.

File Integration

Don’t let native file options and configuration packages limit you or slow you down. eOne’s file integration options are flexible and allow you to move faster.​

File imports to Wiise​.

Configure your mapping to any field or dimension in Wiise. SmartConnect provides the data transformation options to ensure your data fits perfectly. Available with all SmartConnect plans.​

Trigger real-time or on a schedule from your folder.​

SmartConnect’s file integration from local locations, FTP/SFTP, Microsoft OneDrive, and Microsoft SharePoint folder locations. Available with all SmartConnect Plans.​

Run integrations from Excel​.

Accountants love this feature. Allow users to select integrations and run them right from Excel. Included with all SmartConnect Plans.​

Refresh reports into Excel​.

Accountants love this feature as well. Refresh any Popdock standard or custom list with customizations into Excel. Included with all Popdock Plans.​

Export and email Popdock Reports to Files on a Schedule​.

Create advanced, customized Popdock reports with Wiise data and send them to the right people on your schedule. Available in the Popdock Premium Plan.

Outcomes Delivered​

  1. Enhance productivity​
  2. Reduce errors​
  3. Manage data with ease.

Licensing Required​

SmartConnect Basic  Plan or above.

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