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Drip Integration

Virtually integrate Drip data.  No developer required.
Core Experience eCommerce Marketing Integration
Created By eOne Solutions
Virtual Integration
Embed and Display Data Real-Time

Your team members need access to engagement on customer experience campaigns and subscriptions, and virtual integration is the perfect solution to provide a real-time look into that data.​

When your integration goal is to provide visibility and access to external data, virtual integration is a powerful integration option that lets you configure your Drip integration in minutes, not weeks using Popdock widgets:​

  • Embed detailed Popdock reports that includes Drip data in your app.​
  • Embed detailed Popdock reports that includes data from other apps in Drip.​
  • Embed data with parameters related to specific records, like email interactions and subscriptions from people related to specific CRM contact records.​
  • Allow your users to use Popdock actions to do things like open records or run a process.

Outcomes Delivered​

  1. Integrate in minutes, not weeks.​
  2. Real-time integration, every time.​
  3. Relevant, convenient insight in app for users.​
  4. Interface for users to view and take action on the data.

Licensing Required​

Popdock Basic Plan

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