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SmartList Builder

Check out our recorded SmartList Builder sessions from the eOne Event:

SmartList Builder 101: How to Build Your First List

Learn how to build a new SmartList from scratch. This is a beginner session but even the most experienced SmartList Builder consultant will learn something new.

SmartList Builder 201: Building Complex SmartLists + Tips from Pro’s

Dig deeper into all the wonders of SmartList Builder: Covering restrictions, calculated fields, negative values, multi-company lists, summary lists, and much more.

SmartList and SmartList Builder BC

Popdock gives you all the functionality of SmartList and SmartList Builder right inside of Business Central. Let us show you how.

How and Why to Build a SmartList Go To

SmartList should be the way you navigate GP. Learn how to build your own GOTO navigation direct from SmartList.

SmartList Builder for Business Central

Why would anyone want to move to Business Central if there is no SmartList Builder?  Now there is. We’ll show you how Popdock has become the new SmartList and SmartList Builder for both Dynamics GP and Business Central.

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