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SmartConnect Integration

Check out our recorded SmartConnect sessions from the eOne Event:

Connect to Anything: Rest Connector API Integration

We’ll teach you how to use virtually any REST API for integration without writing any code.

Integrate Anything to Anything with SmartConnect

Integration is essential for all organizations. We’ll show you how to build and manage an integrated business.

Integration Projects Are Easy: 10 Steps to a Successful Project

We’ll show you what to watch for, what to avoid, and how to ensure there is always a successful outcome.

Planning an Upgrade to SmartConnect 21?

We’ll discuss the differences between versions, upgrades, best practices, and our development plans to keep SmartConnect in synch with your existing SmartConnect installs.

SmartConnect and Power Platform

Why do I need SmartConnect when Microsoft tells me that everything AI is already integrated in the Common Data Model. What are the limitations of the Power Platform when it comes to data integration?

10 Tips for Error Management in SmartConnect

Integration is difficult and your data can be messy. Learn the best ways to prepare for, handle and fix errors in SmartConnect, Integration integrations.

Scribe to SmartConnect Transition

Make the switch from Scribe to SmartConnect – How to move from Scribe to SmartConnect in 6 simple steps

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Truly Integrated

We’ll show you how SmartConnect integration can streamline and improve the integration capabilities between Dynamic 365 Business Central and other systems. We’ll cover what is available natively and go through some real customer scenarios for D365 Business Central integrations.

Using Popdock as a Data Source for SmartConnect

We’ll show you several scenarios where it makes sense to use Popdock and SmartConnect for an integration project. We’ll also share some helpful tricks to make the most of your data.

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