Database Integration

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There are many options for connecting to an application – via an API, pre-built connectors, and some export XML. For all others, connecting direct to database is another good option.

  • As long as there is an ODBC or an OLEDB driver, SmartConnect can connect to it.
  • Ability to write your own SQL queries.
  • Leverage your Legacy Data. Some examples include:
microsoft_accessAsset 22
MYOB_svg_Asset 24
mysql_logoAsset 23
generic_DB_svgAsset 25

Do more with ODBC/OLEDB +


Automate sales order processing.

Give your team the right visibility into data.

Never re-key data again.

Connect your business apps.
Differentiate your customer experience.

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Dynamics 365

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No-Code, Scalable, and Configurable Integration

  • Connect to applications that have an ODBC and OLEDB driver.
  • Use the SmartConnect Query Builder with only the friendly table names to link multiple tables together as a data source.
  • Advanced filtering on source data.
  • Leverage tasks in SmartConnect to run a processing step (script or functions – we have a library) interacting with your database.
  • Run your integrations when you want: manually, automated on a schedule, or real-time options available.
  • Ability to utilize ODBC/OLEDB as a part of a multi-data source integration.

How much does the Generic Database Connector cost?

The Generic Database Connector is included with the cost of SmartConnect. Simply purchase SmartConnect and integrate your Generic Database with any available connections. Integration templates, test licenses, and access for unlimited users are also included. No hidden fees.