Dynamics 365 Business Central Integration

Integrate. Automate. Grow your business faster.

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Data migration and integration for Dynamics 365 Business Central.

  • Two-way, flexible, configurable integration – use Dynamics 365 Business Central as a source or destination.
  • Handle YOUR specific business requirement, without a headache.
  • Configurable templates to jump-start your Dynamics 365 Business Central integrations.

Create efficiencies and grow your business.

Synchronize your customer data.

Automate sales order processing.

Be more productive, without growing your payroll.

Dynamics 365 Business Central + CRM are just better together.

  • Drive sales activity based on back-office data.
  • Unlock and recognize business opportunity.
  • Connect your business apps. Sell, market, and service smarter.

Connect Dynamics 365 with all your business apps.
Engage intelligently.

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Dynamics 365

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No-Code, Scalable and Configurable Integration


Integrate to and from Microsoft Dynamics 365 without a single line of code:

  • Connect to the Dynamics 365 Business Central services to query the data you need as a data source.
  • Advanced filtering on Dynamics 365 Business Central source data.
  • Use Dynamics 365 Business Central as a part of a multi-data source integration.
  • Create and/or update data in Dynamics 365 Business Central while respecting the business rules contained in Financials.
  • Support for integrating with all Dynamics 365 Business Central pages that have their web services published.
  • Generate that “Next Number” for Dynamics 365 Business Central Objects
  • Run your integration when you want: manually, automated on a schedule, or real-time based on a trigger.
  • Support for integrating with multiple companies.
  • Access a full library of pre-built integration and data imports, built specifically for Dynamics 365 Business Central.

How much does the Dynamics 365 Connector cost?

The Dynamics 365 Connector is included with the cost of SmartConnect. Simply purchase SmartConnect and integrate Dynamics 365 with any available connections. Integration templates, test licenses, and access for unlimited users are also included. No hidden fees.