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Provide creative solutions to meet specific needs of your mid-market customers.

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The eOne Partner Program gives resellers the opportunity to provide creative solutions to meet specific needs of their mid-market customers.
Tools your functional consultant can use
Demo accounts & keys of our products
High margins on software, renewals, and services
Sales and
Product Support
Successful eOne Partners make money, identify new opportunities & maintain happy customers.

Become an eOne Partner Today

Review and sign our eOne partner agreement.

The eOne partner channel is full of experienced implementers of mid-market solutions.

We look for organizations who offer cost effective and creative solutions to their customer’s specific needs.
Tools for the Functional Consultant
eOne partners keep their functional consultants billable by utilizing our solutions – for their customer’s most basic needs to the most complex and unique ones.
Help Customers Take Control
eOne partners ensure their customers can take control of their systems and are not tied to a reseller because “too much complex code.

Partners who offer configurable solutions rather than expensive custom development are the partners for us!
Attract & Keep Customers
An eOne partner attracts and keeps great customers – by using configurable tools to ensure the customer can transition away to another partner if needed.

By always doing the best thing for their customer – they keep and retain them. Reselling partners profit the most in their sales, services, and market potential.

Partner Benefits

Dedicated Partner Manager
Software Licenses
Business Reviews
Quarterly or as agreed
Technical Support
Available to purchase
Sales Support
Partner Margins
Partner Discount on Product Sales, Subscriptions & Renewals Speak with an eOne representative
Partner Discount on Support, Training, Professional Services Speak with an eOne representative
Partner Branding & Logo Usage
Partner Portal Access
Partner Presence on eOne Website
Connector & Template Listing
Blog Post
Press Release
Co-Marketing Campaigns

Our Most Successful Partners:

Meet regularly with their eOne dedicated account manager
Partners set goals for success, learn the latest product information, discover applicable promotions, and cultivate a deeper relationship
Deliver Team Training
Consulting teams can be your best sales team. Consultants successfully implement projects, resulting in a huge gain of customer trust. When the consultant recommends a solution (rather than a sales person), a customer will jump on board with it.

Training your consulting team results in seamless projects and more product & service sales.
Sales Team Training
Your sales team has a lot of product knowledge to retain. The best thing you can do is give them the tools they need to identify eOne opportunities within their base and prospective customers.

By participating in sales training, your team will quickly identify what product or service fits the customer best. Partners who train their sales team close more eOne deals faster.
Always recommend SmartConnect and Popdock as solutions their customers need.
Be an expert who gives your customer confidence in the solution you recommend. Rather than sharing a plethora of options, confidently share SmartConnect and Popdock as your go-to integration and reporting solutions.
Realize the available opportunities within their customer base
More eOne partners than we can count have found success in working their current customer base to find more profitable opportunities to sell products and services.
Sell or collaborate with eOne services team
View us as an extension of your current team. We can provide successful, expert-led implementations and projects for your customers – and have you collect a margin on it. Be creative and let us be an extension of your team.

eOne is committed to a mutually profitable relationship

Expectations for our partners once trained and fully onboarded:

Configure and present software demos.
Train on eOne products or know when to call eOne.
Implement eOne software solutions – with our help if needed.
Commit to provide feedback and suggestions on eOne products.
Remain current with annual partnership fees.
Evangelize eOne products to customer base and prospects.

Ready to get started?

Successful eOne partners make money, identify new opportunities, & maintain happy customers.

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