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The Microsoft Power Platform, Automation, & eOne Solutions

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Integration Tools vs. Microsoft Power Platform: Where, When, & Why?

In some cases, you may be able to satisfy your business requirement using the Microsoft Power Platform. In other scenarios, a complete integration tool like SmartConnect is the right choice. We’ll show you which solution is right for your needs.

Microsoft Power Platform and eOne Solutions

Fitting eOne Products into your offerings alongside the Microsoft Power Platform

eOne and the Microsoft Power Platform: Where Do We Fit? And How We Make it Better

Sometimes using the Microsoft Power Platform makes sense. Other times you’ll get a better outcome with SmartConnect. We’ll review which application is best based on your scenario.

SmartConnect and the Power Platform

Why do I need SmartConnect when Microsoft tells me that everything AI is already integrated in the Common Data Model. What are the limitations of the Dataverse when it comes to data integration?

GP Automation with the eOne Suite

Take a look at how the eOne Suite of products can be used together to automate your Microsoft Dynamics GP environment.

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