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Virtual Integration with Popdock

Check out our recorded Popdock sessions from the eOne Event:

Virtual Integration is a Game Changer for Every Business

Learn how Virtual Integration is changing the way data is shared across an organization. What used to be a very expensive custom development exercise is now available for $100/month.

Using Popdock as a Data Source for SmartConnect

We’ll show you several scenarios where it makes sense to use Popdock and SmartConnect for an integration project. We’ll also share some helpful tricks to make the most of your data.

Building Virtual Integration for Salesforce (or any other application)

Learn the tricks of Virtual Integration, with a focus on Salesforce. We’ll show you how to build a widget, embed it, and pass parameters to it.

Filtering and Sorting in Popdock

Gain an understanding of the Popdock User Interface (UI).

Distribute your Dynamics GP Data to your Team using Popdock

Use Popdock to securely distribute your Dynamics GP data to your team by displaying it in the other applications you use every day to streamline your business.

Starting a Popdock Trial

Popdock is not just an ERP tool. Learn how Popdock can change the way your Marketing team works.

The Evolution of SmartList Builder

SmartList Builder has evolved into a super intelligent life form for both Dynamics GP and Business Central. Let us show you why you should never run your business without Popdock.

Moving to NetSuite from Dynamics GP?

If you’ve decided to move to NetSuite, we still have your back. Learn how eOne tools translate to the NetSuite world.

Migration Tools: The Best Way to Migrate from Dynamics GP to Business Central

If you’re planning a move from Dynamics GP to Business Central, you don’t want to miss this session. We’ll share best practices for moving data and accessing historical data from GP within Business Central.

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