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Partner Training

Sales Training

Win More Deals: Integration as a Competitive Advantage

We’ll teach you to dig deeper into your client’s integration needs and position SmartConnect as the right integration solution.

Win More Deals: Every Customer is a Popdock Prospect

Join us to learn how every customer can benefit from virtual integration. We’ll help you identify opportunities and show your clients why they can’t live without Popdock.

Consulting Training

Calling All Consultants: How to Build Integrations Using any API Without Code

It is possible to build SmartConnect integrations with APIs you have never seen before. We’ll teach you everything you need to know to be an API integration expert without ever writing any code.

How to Successfully Deliver a Popdock Implementation

Once you have your design, how do you go about delivering the solution? We’ll show you how to deliver the web UI, Excel add-in, embedded apps, and widgets.

Demo Training

In these trainings, learn critical sales skills:

  • Prepare for your demo.
  • Deliver a “killer” demo that helps your customer see the value quickly.
  • Closing and getting started.