Partner Network

eOne Reseller & Referral Program

The eOne partner channel is full of very experienced implementers of mid-market solutions. We look for organizations that offer cost effective and creative solutions that meet the very specific needs of their mid market customers. If you are the sort of partner that would choose to offer your customer custom development ($30,000+) over a configurable solution ($10,000) because you make more money – then you are not the partner for us. eOne partners go out of their way to ensure their customers are able to take control of their systems and are never tied to a reseller because “there is just so much complex code.”

An eOne partner attracts and keeps great customers – because they use configurable tools that ensure the customer is able to transition away to another partner should they desire. By always doing the best thing for their customer – they keep and retain all their customers.

There are two types of partnerships available under the eOne Partner Program.

Reselling Partner

Reselling partners profit the most in their sales, services, and market potential.  eOne is committed to a mutually profitable relationship. 

Expectations for Full Resellers:
  • Ability to configure and present software demos.
  • Ability to train on eOne products. (Or to know when to call in eOne.)
  • Experience in implementing eOne software solutions.
  • Commitment to provide feedback and suggestions on eOne products.
  • Remain current with annual partnership fees.
  • Evangelize eOne products.

Why does eOne charge a $2,000 sign-up and annual fees?
eOne wants partners that are serious about selling more CRM, GP and SalesForce. We always find that spending money makes people serious about success. For those resellers that do join us we offer very good margins, 4 hours of free support, access to forums, knowledge base, online training, access to free marketing material and many other advantages.

Registered Partner

Do not meet the criteria above and refer qualified opportunities to eOne.