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We think the eOne logo is pretty great and we’d love to share it with you. There are two versions of the logo available for download. The color version and the white version. Please see below for appropriate uses for each of these logos.

eone-svg-Asset 1
eone-white-svgAsset 3

Logo Guidelines

While we’re happy you’ve downloaded our branding assets, it’s important that the logo is not modified, added to, subtracted from, or altered in any way that would make it inconsistent to the branding guidelines on this page. Examples of misuse include:

smart-Asset 5@300x


Deleting or changing tagline in any way.

comic-sans-nope-Asset 4@300x


Altering the font type of the tagline in any way.

red-wrongAsset 4@300x


Changing the color scheme of the logo.

green-wrong-Asset 4@300x


The logo must match the color specifications of the eOne brand.

wrong-sizeAsset 4@300x


Warping or distorting the logo’s original proportions.

rotation-Asset 4@300x


Rotating the logo.

Brand Colors

Our brand colors are what make the eOne symbol so recognizable. When using the eOne brand assets, please stick to using the following color scheme:

blue-squareAsset 1@300x

Dark Blue
Web Safe (HEX): #162A53
Pantone (PMS): 295
CMYK: 100 88 37 35
RGB: 22 42 83
HSB: 220° 73% 32%

red-squareAsset 2@300x

Web Safe (HEX): #AF272F
Pantone (PMS): 1805
CMYK: 22 97 88 13
RGB: 175 38 46
HSB: 355° 78% 68%

light-blue-squareAsset 4@300x

Light Blue
Web Safe (HEX): #3093d0
Pantone (PMS): 3005
CMYK: 74 30 0 0
RGB: 48 147 208
HSB: 201° 76% 81%

grey-squareAsset 3@300x

Light Gray
Web Safe (HEX): #f2f2f2
Pantone (PMS): 7541
CMYK: 4 3 3 0
RGB: 242 242 242
HSB: 201° 0% 94%

Company Descriptions

Looking to add eOne to your partner page? This is where you’ll find the latest eOne company descriptions in 50 and 100 word lengths.

50 Words

eOne Solutions is a leading author of innovative solutions for Microsoft Dynamics 365, GP, CRM, and NAV including SmartConnectSmartView, Extender and Extender EnterpriseSmartList BuilderFlexicoder, Node Builder and SmartPost. We maintain partnerships with over 500 Dynamics resellers and have over 20,000 companies globally using our products.  Learn more:

100 Words

eOne Solutions is a leading author of innovative solutions for Microsoft Dynamics 365, GP, CRM, and NAV including SmartConnectSmartViewExtender and Extender EnterpriseSmartList BuilderFlexicoder, Node Builder and SmartPost. Our US and Asia Pacific professional services teams provide support, training and eOne expertise to the partner community to ensure customers achieve superior outcomes. We maintain partnerships with over 500 Microsoft Dynamics resellers and have over 20,000 companies globally using our products. To learn more about eOne’s reporting and comprehensive integration toolsets, visit

Integration Only

eOne Solutions is the proud creator of SmartConnect, the fastest-growing integration solution for Dynamics 365, Dynamics NAV, Dynamics GP, Dynamics CRM and Salesforce. 

Trusted by over 5,000 companies, SmartConnect provides a highly configurable and scalable integration toolset that allows companies to:

  • Reduce manual effort and increase automation among their CRM, ERP and best-of-breed cloud applications.
  • Deliver integrations in a way that is efficient, agile, and cost-effective.
  • Say yes to very specific business requirements without code.

Build your next integration without a developer, and learn more at

Thank you!

If you have any questions about the brand assets listed on this page, please contact We are happy to help!