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Infinite Quest Sdn Bhc (IQSB)

Headquarters Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Technology Specialty Microsoft Azure Data Lake Microsoft Azure Tables Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Microsoft SQL Server
Industry Horizontal - All Industries

Established in 1996, IQSB (Infinite Quest Sdn Bhd) has cultivated a distinguished reputation as an IT Solution Consultancy Company with a steadfast commitment to professionalism and excellence. With nearly three decades of experience, IQSB’s core values and unwavering dedication to service underscore its standing in the industry. At IQSB, professionalism is not merely a virtue; it is ingrained in every facet of their operations. Their team of seasoned experts brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to each project, ensuring that clients receive counsel and solutions marked by the highest standards of reliability and integrity. Their focus on professionalism extends beyond expertise to encompass ethical conduct, transparent communication, and a strict adherence to industry best practices. They approach each client engagement with a commitment to fostering trust and upholding the highest levels of integrity.


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