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Your Bridge to D365 Business Central

Changing ERPs is difficult. eOne is here to make data migration as seamless as possible.


Simplify your move from Dynamics GP to Business Central

Preserving historical data and moving it to a new system is usually the most complex and expensive part of a data migration project. 

eOne Solutions has developed affordable and flexible options to provide access to your legacy GP data to your team, publish your GP data to a cost-effective storage location, and cross-report across your historical data and Dynamics 365 Business Central data. 

SmartList reporting, now in Business Central

Flexible and Intuitive Options for End Users

Start using  SmartLists for Business Central. Your end-users will be using the exact same reporting tool in Business Central as they used in GP. Providing a familiar reporting environment will make the switch to BC an easy transition for your team as they will be building SmartList reports, without any training, once you switch over to BC.

We know changing ERP is difficult but eOne is here to make it as seamless as we can.

Unlimited filtering, grouping, total/subtotals, and more.

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Use the tools you are already familiar with to report in BC.

Combine GP and BC data into custom lists

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Merge your GP History with current BC data. Get a complete view of a customer by having all of the data in a specific list.

SmartList Builder for Business Central

Report Across Any Data

Every business is unique and the reporting needs are specific to your business. Building complex reports with BC data just got as easy as it was in GP now with SmartList Builder for BC.

When you move to the cloud you lose access to the SQL server data – but SmartList Builder makes working with Business Central Web Services just as easy as it was to build complex reports in GP.

If the data is in Business Central then you or your consultant can pull it out with SmartList Builder.

Access to Legacy Data

From a Data Lake or Your Existing Location

eOne has developed a way for you to be able to access all of your GP data from within BC.  You can search, find, and filter any data from GP – without having to go back and login to GP.

What we do is take the data from your most important (favorites) SmartLists and move that data into a data lake.  We then point SmartLists for BC at the GP data and you can see it all from right within BC.  For a totally seamless experience, we can combine GP data with BC data so you don’t even have to remember which system the data was in.

Archive your Legacy GP Data to a Data Lake

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Avoid maintaining an on-premise GP by using Popdock to move to Azure Data Lake, Amazon S3 or Wasabi. Avoid slowing down BC and bloating your database. Choose which data to archive.

Move the right Dynamics GP data into Business Central

You do not want to move all your GP data into Business Central. This is your chance to start with a clean and fresh ERP, and yet you are going to need a way to see all your GP data.


Embed and Access Legacy GP data
with Popdock

Decide which GP data you need to see, determine which Smartlists contain that data and we do all the heavy lifting.

Popdock will take all of those favorite SmartLists and move them into an Azure data lake. This is the best place to store your data as it provides the fastest possible way to access large amounts of data.  The other big benefit is it is the most cost-effective data storage in the cloud.


Move Master Records & Opening Balances
with SmartConnect

You will not want to key in all of your master records and open transactions.  Microsoft has built a migration tool to help move these items into GP – but this tool does not cover all the data you will want in GP.

SmartConnect monthly subscriptions can be used to complement or replace the migration tool by moving all the data Microsoft forgot (Projects, Fixed Assets, Manufacturing. Field Service, etc.).


Archive your SQL server

Move your Dynamics GP data to Azure SQL.

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