Unknown identifier ‘GenerateTableTypes’

Published: Nov 19, 2018
Post Author Written by eOne Solutions

I’ve installed the latest SmartView (Internal) on my GP 2013/2013 R2 system and it seems to work well.
However when I try to use any of the GoTos for my SmartList Builder reports, SmartView gives the error:

Unknown identifier ‘GenerateTableTypes’.

The destination GoTo window does not open. 

The GoTos for the out of the box GP SmartLists such as “Sales Transactions” work fine.

The issue is the version of SmartList Builder installed.
In order to run SmartView for SmartList Builder reports (and specifically the GoTos), build 12.0.055 or greater of SmartList Builder must be installed per the documentation.

Newer version of the eOne SmartList Builder can be download from HERE.


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