Troubleshooting the Zendesk Sidebar

Published: Jul 04, 2018
Post Author Written by eOne Solutions

After installing the app receive message “Could not log into Office 365”


In Zendesk go to Settings > Apps > Manage > Dynamics 365 Sales Connector > Click the App Configuration tab

Copy the URL to a new browser window and enter the same Email used in the App setup along with the user password to verify login. Once successfully logged in as System Administrator to CRM enter the password again on the connector.

In Dynamics 365 Sales > Settings > Solutions > Zendesk Dynamics 365 Connector

Make sure the Zendesk URL, Username, and Password are correct.

Try simplifying the fields selected in the mapped Record Types to only string fields and see if that resolves the error.

Selected field is not displaying on sidebar


At this time not all data types are displaying correctly in the sidebar. We have removed those fields so the remaining fields can be displayed correctly. 
We are working to support all data types in the future.

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