Troubleshooting GP and Extender Real-Time Map Issues

Published: Feb 13, 2013
Post Author Written by eOne Solutions

Issues can arise during the setup or execution of GP and Extender Real-Time maps due to a number of reasons such as the real time triggers not being set up or incorrect settings for the web service. This document is a checklist for the user to attempt before referring the issue to support.

The suggestions detailed below revolve around the steps of the change being made to the details being passed to the web service. If these steps are successful the issue will then be happening on the destination side. Please refer to the troubleshooting document for the particular destination type that you are attempting to integrate the data for further investigations on your issue.

1. GP Connector Setup Web Settings

If the web service settings are defined for the individual connectors, this will overwrite the settings on the ‘Web Service’ tab in the Setup. This will then affect the execution of the real-time maps if they are incorrect. If possible go to each of the Connector Setups and remove the web service settings so the default system web service settings are used.

2. Re-Register Map

The first option to check is that the GP Real-Time Map is registered. Sometimes the real-time data source map may not have been registered. So follow these steps to register the Real-Time Map:

Open SmartConnect and open the map in question

Press the ‘Register’ button on the Toolbar

Follow the steps in the following section to complete the registration

3. Log out and log back in to GP to update trigger

The registering of the real-time maps creates dexterity triggers within the DYNAMICS database for the real-time execution of the SmartConnect maps. The creation of the triggers does not occur until GP is restarted after the registration of the Real-Time maps as to be certain that these triggers are created, log out and log back into GP.

4. Confirm the ID’s of the Real-Time Maps are identical in both the DYNAMICS and the SmartConnect databases

The Real-Time Maps are defined in both the SmartConnect and DYNAMICS database and are identified in both databases by identical ID’s. To confirm that the ID’s are identical in both the SmartConnect and the DYNAMICS databases, execute the following query in the DYNAMICS database and compare ID’s.

select sc.RealTimeId, ds.TablePhysicalName from DYNAMICS.dbo.SC9400 sc left join SmartConnect.dbo.MsGpRealTimeDataSource ds on ds.MsGpRealTimeDataSourceId = sc.RealTimeId

5. Check Event Viewer on GP Server

Checking the events on the GP machine will eliminate any other issues that may be occurring on the GP source. This involves checking the Event Viewer for the GP Server to see if any error messages may give you a clue to what the issue may be.

6. Check the SmartConnect Web Service

Checking the SmartConnect Web Service involves checking the Event Viewer on the SmartConnect IIS Server to see if any error messages may give you a clue to what the issue may be. To check the event viewer, follow these steps:

Log on to the server where the SmartConnect web service is located

Open Control Panel -> Administrator Tools -> Event Viewer

Applications and Services Logs -> SmartConnect

Check if there is any event errors that may relate to an issue with the SmartConnect web service that may be causing the problems

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