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Success Management Process for Partners

Published: Dec 10, 2019
Post Author Written by Michelle Aune

eOne Solutions is committed to the success of each SmartConnect sale and provides a solution success manager, Michelle Aune, to assist in launching each SmartConnect project.
We know some customers will want to hand you their integration project and let you manage it entirely. That’s great. In those cases, we’ll just host the introductory call to let the customer know who we are and introduce the resources we provide. We’ll also request a call after the project is complete so that we can identify references and success story opportunities that will benefit both of us.

Program Benefits

  • Additional services revenue – What other integrations would benefit your customer? We’ll help you further the discussion to determine other integration opportunities such as expense management, historical databases or whatever else they need.
  • 100% successful projects – Our goal is to ensure every SmartConnect project is successful and reference-able.
  • Design document review – We’re happy to have our professional services team review the design document and provide feedback/suggestions AT NO CHARGE.
  • Case studies/references – Our goal is to tell the customer’s success story through a reference or a case study, which we’ll write and promote with you.

Success Management Process

  • We work with you to identify appropriate contact(s)
  • Customer welcome email requesting introductory call
  • Introductory call to discuss project plan/timeline, introduce client to available eOne resources
  • Follow-up call after go-live to request reference/case study

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