SmartPost stops posting due to Microsoft Dynamics GP change date dialog

Published: Sep 27, 2017
Post Author Written by David Youngquist

On my machine where SmartPost is running, the posting stops in the middle of the night when the Microsoft Dynamics GP dialog comes up asking if we want to change the user date.  When I come back in the morning, the dialog is open, and GP will not respond until I press OK.  Is there a way to suppress this?  

On the machine where you have SmartPost installed, browse into the Microsoft Dynamics GP client folder and then go into the Data sub folder.  This is typically located in C:Program Files (x86)Microsoft DynamicsGP20XXData

In there directory you will find a DEX.INI file.  Open that file in Notepad and add the following line to it.  


It doesn’t really matter where you place the line in that file as long as it’s after the first line that says [General]

After making the change, restart GP and it will no longer display the date change dialog at midnight.

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