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SmartConnect Service Stops and ServerName==0 Shows in Event Log

Published: Sep 03, 2020
Post Author Written by Pat Roth

Once in a while, my eOne SmartConnect Service stops and so the scheduled maps do not execute.
If I look in the SmartConnect Event Logs, I see a line that looks like:


Where EONE-2014 is the name of my server running the eOne service.

Each time that SmartConnect is going to run a check for scheduled maps to execute, it first reads the SmartConnect.dbo.ScheduleServer table and verifies that this server is still marked ServerActive = 1.

If this record is missing or else the value is ServerActive = 0, this Information message is put into the SmartConnect Event Log and the service stops itself.

If the eOne SmartConnect Service is manually shut down or by a server restart, we WOULD see the “Stopped eOne SmartConnect Service” as that is written on a proper shut down.  But the EONE-2014==0 wouldn’t be written due to a “normal” shutdown.

Because this line isn’t written on a typical shutdown, that would suggest a user or process has modified the data in the ScheduleServer table by setting the ServerActive=0 or else deleting the record.

This method could be used as a backdoor method to stop the eOne SmartConnect Service running on other remote servers if you don’t have ready access to them.

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