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SmartConnect – Extra Source Records

Published: May 30, 2019
Post Author Written by Devon Binstock

Why does my map run show more records being processed than exist in the data source?

This mistake can easily be made in SmartConnect map setup.

This article will show how to find the problem and correct it.


Create Map

We are going to start by creating a map with an Excel data source.


When we preview the data from the data source, we can see that there are 3 records available.


In this example we are using the destination as a Microsoft SQL Table. However, this same scenario can exist for other destinations such as Dynamics GP, Dynamics CE and Dynamics NAV/Business Central.


Map Execution

When we run this map, we can see that 6 records have been sent to the destination but there were only 3 source records.



Why is our data duplicated? The problem comes from our destination.

If we click the button Databases on the destination, it will bring up a list of databases that you can select for the data to go to.

As you can see, we have two databases selected. This means that our 3 records are being sent to the same table in two different databases. This is where we are getting our duplicate records.

If we uncheck the extra database and run the map again, then we will receive 3 records like we expected.


Another spot to look is if the Define option is being used on the destination. If we have anything other than “return empty”, SmartConnect will send data to that database as well.



SmartConnect does not tell you what databases you have selected before running, so make sure the only database selected is the databases where your table is located.

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