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SmartConnect.com Inactivity Timeout error running integration

Published: Dec 30, 2022
Post Author Written by Pat Roth

I’m running a SmartConnect.com integration and once in a while see this error:

app.smartconnect.com says

Error: The client has been inactive since <date & time> and it has exceeded the inactivity timeout of 50000 ms.  Stopping the connection.

Figure 1: Inactivity timeout error

What causes this error, and does it cause a problem with the integration?

No, this message doesn’t cause the integration to fail, it only means that SmartConnect.com is no longer going to try to update the window with changes.  The result is the same as if you navigate from this integration page to any other SmartConnect.com page – we just lose insight into the progress of the integration such as where it is in the integration process.

In either case, SmartConnect.com is still processing the integration and will update the End Time in the integration logs the same as if we stayed on this page and didn’t recieve this message.

The cause of this inactivity timeout error is due to a control that is used on this page.  The control used has a maximum timeout of 50000 milliseconds (50 seconds) in which if the page doesn’t get updated during that time, we get this error.

As this is the integration page and most of the information is static – Integration ID, Integration Name, Start Time, etc – the only fields we expect to change would be either Success Count or Error Count and then when finally finished normally, the End Time and Elapsed Time.

That we get this error in the screenshot meant that the current “document” took longer than 50 seconds to run at the destination and so SC wasn’t able to update either count fields in that time which resulted in the error displayed.

We cannot tell from the screenshot or in SmartConnect.com why this “document” would take longer than 50 seconds to process only that this one did (#22 as the first 21 were successful and didn’t encounter this error).

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