Setting Entity Record Type

Published: Sep 09, 2016
Post Author Written by eOne Solutions

I have setup a Record Type for my Opportunities within How do I set that value in SmartConnect since it is not a List Option and does not accept strings or numbers?

All Record Types within are stored in the RecordType entity, so we need to create an Additional Column of type Entity Lookup.

Set the Find Entity to RecordType.

Set the Entity Field, Name, to the value of the record type, which is the value you see in the drop down list when setting the Record Type in The value can come from your source data or a Calculated Column

Set the Entity Field, SobjectType to the name of the object. For example, Opportunity or Contact or Account which can come from your source or a Calculated Column.

Map the Entity Lookup Column just created to the Record Type ID field on your Entity you are updating or creating.

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