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Could not validate import destination: The service ‘CustomerCard’ does not exist in the NAV system.

Published: Jun 07, 2016
Post Author Written by eOne Solutions

When attempting to import the NAV_CUSTOMER sample Map I received the message “Could not validate import destination: The service ‘CustomerCard’ does not exist in the NAV system”.


The message is indicating the specific Web Service is not listed in my available Web Services in Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Things to consider when you receive a message like this:

  • Does the Web Service exist in Microsoft Dynamics NAV?
  • Is the exact Service Name being used?

In the example below, I have three examples of the same Web Service for the Customer Card (21) in Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

To be able to import my sample Map, I needed to create a Web Service with the exact Service name my sample Map was created with. In this case, ‘CustomerCard’ is the correct NAV Web Service name, which is the highlighted Web Service you see in the example below.



Once this Web Service was created in Microsoft Dynamics NAV, my sample Map imported successfully into SmartConnect.

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