not-null property references a null or transient value eOne.SmartConnect.Connectors.Crm2011.MsCrm2011Connector.ClientID

Published: Feb 18, 2022
Post Author Written by eOne Solutions

When launching SmartConnect after upgrading to SmartConnect or above receiving a message that says, “not-null property references a null or transient value eOne.SmartConnect.Connectors.Crm2011.MsCrm2011Connector.ClientID”

This is due to a new field that was created during the upgrade, but the field is set to null.   Run the following script in SQL management studio against the SmartConnect database to correct the issue.  After running the script, launch SmartConnect again and the upgrade will continue.

UPDATE MsCrm2011Connector SET UseOauth = '', ClientId = '', ClientSecret = '', AccessToken = '', AccessTokenExpiry = '1900-01-01', RefreshToken = '',DomainToken = '',DomainTokenExpiry = '1900-01-01',DomainRefreshToken = '',UseRegionalDiscoveryService = ''

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