Could not log into the SQL Server Could not create session factory after updating to SmartConnect 2017

Published: May 02, 2017
Post Author Written by David Youngquist

When upgrading SmartConnect to, I receive an error that says “Could not log into the SQL Server Could not create session factory”

First thing to check is that your SmartConnect password is correct.  Browse into the SmartConnect folder which by default is located in C:Program Files (x86)eOne SolutionsSmartConnect.  find the file named eOne.SmartConnect.Config.exe and right click on it and select “Run as administrator”

When the SmartConnect Configuration window opens, type in the MSSQL Server name, the name of the SmartConnect database (typically SmartConnect), then name of the SmartConnect User (typically SmartConnect) and the SmartConnect user password which you would have typed in on the initial installation.  Press the “Test Connection” button.  

If any of the connection information is wrong you will get an error that says “Failed to connect to the SmartConnect database, please check the entered credentials and try again”.  

If the connection information is correct, the fields at the bottom of the window will populate with values.  If the fields populate, click on the “Save Changes” button at the bottom of the window.  

Now relaunch SmartConnect and see if you are able to get in.  If you still get the same exact error it means there are some tables that need to be updated before you can proceed.   

Close SmartConnect completely, then download this script and run this in SQL Management studio against your SmartConnect database.  After running the script, relaunch SmartConnect and you should be able to continue with the upgrade

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