MSSQL Real-Time Data Source Registration Error

Published: Jun 01, 2018
Post Author Written by eOne Solutions

When registering an MSSQL Real-Time data source receive the following error message.

Latest version of MSSQL real time data source assembly does not exist in SERVER : DATABASE

To enable real time data sources please run the script below as a MSSQL system administrator on the server and try again.

How to resolve the error message

In most cases running the script included in the error message will be enough to fix the error message so you can register the map. In some cases, additional steps will need to be taken before the script can be ran. Below are some of the common errors when running the script.

DROP ASSEMBLY failed because ‘eOne.SmartConnect.MSSQLServerRealTime.dll’ is referenced by object ‘eOneMssqlRealTimeStoredProcedure’

If you receive this error you will first need to run the following script:



DROP PROCEDURE [dbo].[eOneMssqlRealTimeStoredProcedure]


CREATE ASSEMBLY failed because it could not open the physical file ‘C:Program Files (x86)eOne SolutionsSmartConnecteOne.SmartConnect.MSSQLServerRealTime.dll’: 3(The system cannot find the path specified.).

There are three known causes for this error message.

  1. The folder location is incorrect.
    1. Edit the location to the actual file location of the SmartConnect installation location.
  2. SmartConnect is installed on a different server than the SQL server so the assembly is not reachable by SQL.
    1. In this case, you will need to copy the eOne.SmartConnect.MSSQLServerRealTime.dll from the machine with SmartConnect installed to a folder on the SQL server.
  3. The user assigned to the ‘SQL Server’ and ‘SQL Server Agent’ windows services doesn’t have access to the file location specified.

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