How to move an Extender Resource from one solution to another.

Published: Oct 18, 2016
Post Author Written by David Youngquist

Is there a way to move Extender resources from one solution into another without losing the data?

Yes, there is functionality in Extender to move objects from one solution to another without losing the data stored in that resource.  

1.  Create a new Extender solution if you haven’t already.  To do this open Extender and then click on the New button, and then select Solution.  

2.  Find the object you wish to move into the new solution.  Highlight the object in the Extender window, and then press “Add Resource”.  It will ask you which solution to move it to, select the new solution you created and click the “Add” button.

3.  Check the new solution to verify that the resource was added to the new solution.  

4.  Back in the original solution, highlight the original Extender object again, and then click on the “Remove Resource” button.  This will remove the resource from the original solution.  The “Remove Resource” button will be disabled for objects that you have not moved to new solutions preventing you from accidentally deleting the wrong one.

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