Minimum rights for SmartConnect SQL user

Published: Jan 26, 2015
Post Author Written by eOne Solutions

What are the minimum rights needed for the SmartConnect SQL user?

The minimum rights the SmartConnect SQL user needs are db_owner of the SmartConnect data base. To make the SmartConnect user a db_owner do the following.
1. Login to SQL server management studio as a user with administrative rights.
2. Go to Security – Logins and find the user named “SmartConnect”
3. Right click on this user and select Properties.
4. Go to the “User Mapping” page
5. Find the SmartConnect database in the list, make sure the checkbox is checked next to it. Highlight the database and then click on the ellipsis button at the end of the “Default Schema” box, this will open the Select Schema window.
6. Type in “dbo” and then click the “Check Names” button. Then hit the OK button on the “Select Schema” window.  
7. Then at the bottom of the window where it shows database role membershipt, make sure both “public” and “db_owner” are checked.
8. Then click the OK button in the “Login Properties – SmartConnect” window.

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