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No importable entities were found within selected files

Published: Dec 08, 2011
Post Author Written by Kevin Jones

When trying to import maps from one SmartConnect installation to another, receiving an error that says “No importable entities were found within selected files”. The SmartConnect versions are identical, and the maps are both writing to Microsoft Dynamics GP

This can occur if the GP Connector has not been setup inside of SmartConnect. To resolve this do the following:

1.  Inside of SmartConnect go to the Setup tab and click the Setup button.  
2. Highlight the SmartConnect Dynamics GP Connector and press the Connector Setup button.
3. Select the correct version of GP from the drop down list.  
4. In the Settings section , type in the name of the SQL server that Dynamics GP is on and fill in the Dynamics DB Name.  
5. Click on the ellipsis button next to the Default Company drop down box and make sure you get a list of companies.  Select your default company.  
6. Click Save on the MS GP Connector Setup window and Click OK on the SmartConnect Setup window.
7.  If SmartConnect does not automatically run the system maintenance for you, run the system maintenance by clicking on the “System Maintenance” button in the Setup tab of SmartConnect.  
8.  Close SmartConnect and relaunch it. The map import should work correctly now.

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