Companies button missing from the destination window in SmartConnect

Published: Dec 08, 2011
Post Author Written by eOne Solutions

The map setup window and other SmartConnect windows look distorted or offset, and/or the Companies button is missing from the SmartConnect Destination window

The DPI for the machine needs to be set to the standard size, otherwise fields and button on the SmartConnect windows may be pushed off the screen. 

On Server 2008/Vista: Right-click on the desktop and select Personalize. Select ‘Adjust Font Size’ from the navigation pane on the left. Select ‘Default scale (96 DPI)’ and click OK to submit the changes.

On Server 2003/Windows XP: Right-click on the desktop and select Properties. Navigate to the Settings tab in Display Properties window and click the Advanced button. Select the ‘Normal size (96 DPI) option from the dropdown list. click OK to submit the changes.

On Windows 7: Open the Control Panel. If you are viewing the items as categories, click on Appearance and Personalization and then click on display, otherwise just click on Display immediately. Select the radio button next to ‘Smaller – 100% (default)’ and click Apply to submit the changes.  

Once the DPI has been set to the standard size the machine will need to be restarted for the changes to take effect.

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