Customer Address node is missing “Update Existing” Parameter

Published: Dec 08, 2011
Post Author Written by Kevin Jones

When using the Customer Address node in SmartConnect, you cannot mark the checkbox that says “Update Existing”. The parameter also does not show up in the mapping window.

The parameter can be manually added to the node.
1. Open Tools – SmartConnect – Node Maintenance
2. Choose your RMCustomerAddressType Node
3. Highlight the “Add customer address” node and click on the Edit Node button.
4. At the very bottom add a new parameter in a blank row
5. Under Parameter type in: UpdateIfExists (exactly as it appears here with no spaces)
6. Under the Display Name type in: Update if exists
7. Under the Field Type choose List
8. With the word List highlighted, click on the blue arrow at the top of the Field Type column. This opens the Enter List Items window.
9. In this window type False into the Description field, put a 0 for the value, and place a checkmark in the Default checkbox.
10. On the second line type True into the Description field, put a 1 for the value.
11. Click OK to close the Enter List Items window.
12. Click the Save button then click the Save button on the Node Maintenance window
13. Now you will be able to click the Update Exists checkbox in your node mapping.

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