Error 401 when running a SmartConnect map using Excel Add-In

Published: Dec 08, 2011
Post Author Written by eOne Solutions

When trying to run a SmartConnect map using the Excel Add-In, receiving an error 401 Unauthorized.

You need to allow anonymous access to the webservice. To do this, do the following.
1. Open IIS on the machine hosting the SmartConnect web service.
2. Go to the SmartConnect web site.
3. Right click on the web site virtual directory (looks like a yellow gear under the globe) and select Properties.
4. Click on the Directory Security tab
5. Click the Edit button in the “Authentication and access control” section of the window
6. Check the checkbox at the top of the screen that says “Enable anonymous access”
7. Perform an IIS reset (Start – Run – IISRESET)
8. The Excel Add-in should function correctly now.

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