Importing NAV/365 Business Central Job Journals

Published: Mar 20, 2018
Post Author Written by eOne Solutions

I previously wrote a Blog Post about importing Journals into NAV/D365 Business Center, and encountered a unique scenario today related to Job Journals. When importing the Unit Cost associated with my G/L Accounts the amount was always 0.

The reason for this is the Unit Cost is automatically provided by the Job Prices on the Job card.

If you are importing the unit costs for Resources and Items the only choice you have is to import the unit prices first.

If you want are importing the unit costs for GL Accounts you have two options.

  1. Import the prices for the GL Accounts, then use the Job Journal
  2. Import the lines into the Job G/L Journal instead of the Job Journal

Here are the steps required for each approach.

Using Job Journal (web service – 201)

You will need to first either manually, or using web services add the prices for every Resource, Item, and Account that will have journal entries against it. Below are the web services that will need to be exposed to create these price records.

  • 1011 – Job Resource Prices
  • 1012 – Job Item Prices
  • 1013 – Job G/L Account Prices

After importing the prices, the Job Journal can be imported. This will require the use of another map, which can be ran using a post map task to run the Job Journal map.

*note the following fields are required on Job Journal imports

  • CurrentJnlBatchName
  • Line Type
  • Document_No
  • Job_No
  • Type
  • Quantity
  • AccName

Using Job G/L Journals (web service – 1020)

*This approach only works when importing GL Account lines, NOT resources and Items

This web service will allow journal entries to be made with a custom unit price. When looking at the web service there are multiple price fields available for mapping, but the only ones that will work correctly are the debit and credit fields. These fields will use the NAV business logic to fill the rest of the amount fields.

*note the following fields are required on Job G/L Journal imports

  • CurrentJnlBatchName
  • Document_No
  • Account_Type
  • Account_No
  • AccName
  • Debit_Amount
  • Credit_Amount
  • Job_No
  • Quantity
  • BalanceSpecified = False
  • TotalBalanceSpecified = False

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