How to uninstall the SmartConnect Dynamics GP Add-In

Published: Nov 02, 2017
Post Author Written by eOne Solutions

How do I remove the SmartConnect Dynamics GP Add-In from the Dynamics GP client?


NOTE: This article only pertains to SmartConnect 2013 and newer


Follow these steps for each machine where the add-in needs to be removed. On the machine where the Add-In is being removed, all Dynamics GP users need to be logged out. Note, removing the SmartConnect Dynamics GP AddIn will prevent any Dynamics GP real-time integrations from working.


  1. Go to the Dynamics GP Folder
    1. Verify there is no SCXX.cnk file where XX pertains to the version of Dynamics GP
      1. If there is one, delete it.
    2. Delete the SMRTCONN.DIC
    3. Make a backup of the Dynamics.set file and place it in safe location
    4. Open the Dynamics.set file
      1. Change the first line to be one less than the current number. In my case, I will change it to 28. This is the number of product dictionaries installed on this Dynamics GP Client machine.


      2. Find the SmartConnect product 3835.
        1. Remove the two highlighted lines.


      3. Find the SmartConnect Dictionary paths
        1. Delete the three highlighted lines

    5. Save the Dynamics.set file


  2. Go To the Dynamics GPAddIns folder
    1. Delete the eOne.SmartConnect.GpAddinXXXX.dll where XXXX is the version of the file pertaining to the Dynamics GP Instance


You will now be able to launch Dynamics GP without the SmartConnect Dynamics GP

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