GlobalFileName not populated when using in a script

Published: Feb 15, 2019
Post Author Written by eOne Solutions

I am attempting to write an after map script and use the GlobalFileName value to report the name of the source file with the error.  The GlobalFileName field does not appear to be populated.  

GlobalFileName does not automatically populate, you would need to write your own script to insert a value into the variable. 

There are 2 types of global variables, system variables and user variables.  System variables are automatically populated when the map runs, and user variables are blank by default and must be set using a script. 

The following system variables are automatically populated only during a map run.  Any extra scripts that update these variables will be ignored at runtime.

GlobalCompanyID – The tenant ID to which the map is currently sending data.
GlobalErrorCount – A count of documents that have failed during the map run.
GobalLastError – The last error message recorded by the map run.
GlobalMapDescription – The map description as entered in the map setup screen
GlobalMapID – The map ID as entered in the map setup screen.
GlobalProcessCount – The total number of documents to be processed during this map run.
GlobalRollingColumn – The current value of the rolling column set as ‘use for global variable’ in map setup. This is only available at the document level task, not the map level tasks.
GlobalRunDate – The date of the run.
GlobalRunEnded – The date / time the run ended.
GlobalRunErrors – A list of all errors encountered during the map run.
GlobalRunNumber – The current run number for the selected map.
GlobalRunStarted – The date / time the map run started.
GlobalSuccessCount – A count of the successful documents for this run.
GlobalUserID – The user ID of the current windows user.

The following user global variables are available for use within SmartConnect. These variables are updated through scripting or through defaults in system or map setup. These variables are by default all empty strings and may be used as and when required for maps.


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