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Flexicoder not recoding COGS accounts from Field Service or Manufacturing.

Published: Sep 12, 2011
Post Author Written by David Youngquist

Flexicoder is not recoding COGS labor accounts on Sales Order Processing Transactions that originate in Manufacturing or Field Service.  

This is by design.  On a standard GP Sales Order the COGS account/amount for the inventory item is not calculated until the transaction is posted.  There are no additional accounts added for any other COGS items.  Both Field Service and Manufacturing add additional COGS accounts for labor to the Sales Order transaction BEFORE it’s posted in SOP.  If you pull open the distribution window in SOP before you post it, and you see any COGS accounts, they were added by other modules.  

The standard SOP posting only recognizes one COGS account for inventory.  During the recoding, the COGS amount for the inventory item will be recoded according to any rules that were configured in Flexicoder.  However any additional COGS accounts added by the other 2 modules prior to posting the transaction will not recode.  The entire transaction will recode as if the transaction originated in SOP, and will only recode the standard accounts normally created by a SOP transaction.

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