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Filtering Business Central/NAV Data Sources

Published: Jul 04, 2018
Post Author Written by Ethan Sorenson

Here is a collection of available filtering commands that work when using the NAV/Business Central Connector as a data source.


Search CriteriaReturns
Linda Martin All records that match the text Linda Martin exactly
*martin*All records that contain the text martin case insensitive
*Martin*All records that contain the text Martin case sensitive
linda*All records that start with linda case insensitive
*MartinAll records that end with martin case sensitive
linda martinNot equal to linda martin case insensitive
*MartinNot equal to records that end with Martin case sensitive
Mart?nAll records with text such as Martin or Marten
‘S&R’Returns the value S&R rather than S and R

Either/Or filtering using pipe ‘|’ operator

Ex. Linda*|Mary* – returns records that start with either Linda or Mary.

And filtering using the ‘&’ operator

Ex. <>Linda Martin&<>Mary A. Dempsey – returns records that do not contain Linda Martin and Mary A. Dempsey


Equal to84
Not Equal to<>84
Greater Than>8484..
Greater Than Equal to>=84
Less Than<84..84
Less Than Equal to<=84

Either/Or filtering using pipe ‘|’ operator

Ex. 84|200 – returns records that either equal 84 or 200

And filtering using the ‘&’ operator

Ex. <>84&<>200 – returns records that aren’t equal to 84 and 200


Equal to07/01/2018
Not Equal to<>07/01/2018
Greater Than>07/01/201807012018..
Greater Than Equal to>=07/01/2018
Less Than<07/01/2018..07012018
Less Than Equal to<=07/01/2018

*note the alternative for between will return all dates between 1 and 31 for the current month and year.

The only way to add multiple filters for the same date field is to use the ‘&’ operator.

Ex. <>06/01/2018&<>07/01/2018

Filters for DateTime fields will have a yyyy-MM-ddTHH:mm:ssZ format.

Ex. <>2019-08-23T19:18:52.12Z

Boolean Values

True and False work, but you can also use 1 and 0.

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